Online Backup Services

Computers are like any other machine. They wear out. They break. Sometimes, they stop working for no good reason. While no miracle cure exists for data loss, the best medicine remains the preventative kind: frequent backing up of computer files. vServer Center's online backup services are designed for medical companies, financial institutions, technology companies and large enterprises who need to store data off-site at a secure location. Our online backup services can be used as an expanded disaster recovery solution or simply for redundancy.
  1. Backup Storage Space (same data center)

    Backup Storage Space (same data center)   $9.00 / Month   

    * RAID 6 + two hot spares backup space in our St. Louis data center;
    * Cloud server backup space on our Thunders Network;

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  2. FTP Backup Service

    FTP Backup Service   $9.95 / Month   

    * FTP users: Unlimited;
    * Disk space: 20GB;
    * Bandwidth: 500GB data transfer per month.

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