Hyper-V Hosting

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Hosting, built on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and System Center 2012, is a key part of Microsoft’s approach to cloud computing, enabling you to build out a cloud environment to transform the way you deliver eBusiness services to your customers. Hyper-V hosting provides a reliable and optimized virtualization solution that contains only the Windows Hypervisor, Windows Server driver model and virtualization components. Hyper-V hosting is a reliable and cost effective solution for hosting windows servers and windows applications.

vServer Center offers three levels of Hyper-V hosting services:

  • Windows Hyper-V Cloud Servers  Starting $39.95/month
    A Windows Hyper-V cloud server is a Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) that is served by a computing resource pool (aka Cloud) consists of network switches, enterprise class data storage systems, high end physical computer servers, and Microsoft Hyper-V cloud computing software. Each of our Windows Hyper-V Cloud Servers has its own dedicated operating system and maintains the same functionality as traditional physical computers. Our Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Servers support High Availability (HA). If a physical computer fails, your Microsoft Hyper-V cloud server will be automatically switched to other live physical computers. Learn More

  • Windows Dedicated Servers  Starting $99/month
    With our Cybercon brand Windows dedicated server you get a dedicated server hardware and Microsoft Hyper-V software. You have full control of the server hardware and Microsoft Hyper-V software. It is a low cost solution to host and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines with the administrative control. The drawback is that such single server lacks of scalability and automatic failover redundancy. Learn More

  • Microsoft Private Cloud  Starting $467/month
    A private cloud is a cloud computing hardware and software platform dedicated to your organization. Our Cybercon brand data center hosted Microsoft private cloud provides you the freedom to choose: network routers and switches, firewalls, server hardware, storage systems, and Microsoft Hyper-V cloud computing software. A private cloud can be designed to provide you with full scalability and automatic failover redundancy. Our solutions are built to give you the power to construct and manage clouds across your internal data centers and Cybercon data center — on terms that you control. That means you can keep a handle on compliance, security, and costs. And you can let your business needs drive your IT strategy, instead of having IT limit your options. Cybercon's Microsoft private cloud computing service provides data center infrastructure, dedicated cloud computing hardware, dedicated Microsoft cloud computing software, and 24x7x365 live onsite tech support. Learn More

Got questions? Please check out our Hyper-V Cloud Hosting FAQ, use our Sales Inquiry Form for Microsoft Hyper-V hosting, or call us toll free at 1.800.932.2354 (International: 1.314.621.9991). We're here for you 24 hours a day.