VMware Performance: Cloud Servers

Cloud servers with better performance can make a big difference in how your website and application functions and the impression they make. vServer Center's VMware cloud servers perform much better than most service providers' cloud servers because we use better technology and better hardware.


  vServer Center Most Other Cloud Server Providers
Technology Industry Leading VMware Virtualization Hypervisor Elastic Computing (EC)
Hardware Enterprise Class Storage Systems and Servers Commodity Hardware


Not only our VMware cloud servers' performance beats most other cloud servers, but also they are better than average physical servers. Following are BYTE UNIX Benchmarks Test Scores of our VMware cloud servers and Xeon Dell PowerEdge physical servers.


UNIX Benchmarks Ver 5.1.3 vServer Center
VMware Cloud Server
Dell PowerEdge
Physical Xeon Server
1 CPU Core Index Score 961.9
2 CPU Cores Index Score 1713.6 1185.6
4CPU Cores Index Score 2537.3 1838.6


The higher scores the better performance. Check out our VMware Performance Unix Benchmarks Data.